about us

at Willow Point Ventures

Hello! My name is Walter and I am your Willow Pointe Ventures guide.

Willow Pointe Ventures is a family owned Oshkosh based residential housing provider with 15+ years of residential housing experience. We only manage properties we own. Our focus is on residential housing throughout Oshkosh including both UW Oshkosh properties and non-student housing. We strive to build on our experience and are committed to providing our Residents with a great overall housing experience. Myself-Walter Willow and Mike, Sam, & Jack make up the Willow Pointe Team. They are all quite friendly and happy to help with any questions, take your comments, or to provide assistance when needed! We want you to experience the “Zen Life” with Willow Pointe Ventures!

Here are a few common questions about how we operate.

What is your application process?
Our Application Process is simple. First, contact our office to schedule a showing. If you decide that you want the apartment or house you toured, we will have you fill out our application form. Once you have turned your application in, our office does a background check. After your application has been reviewed and accepted our office will schedule a date to sign the lease.
How to set up Online Payments
After you sign a lease with us you will be given an option to set up your online tenant portal. If you have any questions on setting up your online account, contact the office today and we will send you detailed instructions!
Which company do we write our checks to?
Willow Pointe Ventures is a parent company made up of a few smaller companies, Inti Investments & Pie Investments being two examples of these. Please write your checks, money grams, etc. to the specific company you signed your lease with. Banks can be particular about whom these are written to and if it is incorrect they will not accept the check, money gram, etc. Please DO NOT write anything to WPV.
Do we allow pets?
Yes, for the most part. We are big fans of pets, in fact, often enough you may see a dog at our office! We allow pets in most of our units with a pet deposit and a monthly fee. We require an application for your pet, to ensure that your pet has all its vaccinations and is safe for the building. If you would like to have a pet in your unit, please go to our rental documents page, read over the pet agreement and apply!
How to file a maintenance work order?
Through the Willow Pointe Ventures Website, go to our Resident Page, and select the “submit a work order button.” Please describe the issue in detail, once we receive your work order, we will get our maintenance team moving ASAP. NOTE: If you have a gas leak or significant issues like a fire, contact us but call the city/fire department first! Your safety is always the priority in those situations.
How can we make payments?
You can make payments and view your balance in your tenant portal. Otherwise, you can mail payments to our office, use our drop box, or set up an automatic payment.