We are proud of our past. Willow Pointe Ventures was founded in & still largely based in the Fox Valley. WPV was founded in 2016 by Michael Goudreau & his two sons, Samuel & Jonathan. Since then, we have worked in many different sectors of real-estate: including commercial retail, industrial, market-rate multifamily residential, historical tax credit multifamily residential, & medical. We have taken WPV from a small management company to an expanding, real-estate development company across multiple states. However, even with the progress Willow Pointe Ventures has made; we always stick to our roots.

We think of real estate, or investment in general, not as a single practice, but as several interdependent principles: People, Planet, Prosperity. Improving the human condition is paramount to any project. Aesthetics & rent rolls come & go, but we have found our principles to be timeless.
As partners, we strive for clear communication and mutual respect. The first job of any project is to understand the vision & needs of the community. We value an open & relaxed dialogue, math-backed spreadsheets, alongside the occasional face to face meeting over a drink or coffee.

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to work with some excellent partners & tenants on innovative projects. We strive to find projects that challenge our knowledge & creativity. Problem-solving is one of the reasons we find real estate exciting. Since WPV was founded, we are continuously learning and building our portfolio. There are always more creative solutions to implement.

A building exists in time, as more than just timber, steel, & concrete; it exists as a place to grow, to be happy, to thrive. Every investor knows that a project’s usefulness is directly related to how well it continues to perform. Our definition of “perform” isn’t just simple cash flow. A well-performing building has flourishing tenants, and employees. This also means, by extension, we value community, & sustainable practices that build for the future. We believe that given time, what goes around comes around. In short, the more we can help you thrive, the more we will thrive.

Let’s Work Together