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Current resident’s frequently asked questions.

How can we make payments?

You can make payments and view your balance in your tenant portal. Otherwise, you can mail payments to our office, use our drop box, or set up an automatic payment.

How do I request maintenance?
If your issue is not an emergency, please refer to the maintenance tip section for possible easy fixes to your issue. If none if the tips are applicable to you or did not work, there are a couple of ways to contact us about these issues. First, you can request a maintenance order through our Resident Portal. Second, you can call or text our office phone (920)-204-3410.
What if I have a maintenance emergency?
We have a 24-hour emergency texting service. If you have an emergency within our normal office hours calls are the fastest way of communicating with us. If you have an after-hour emergency, (you still may call and leave a voicemail), please text us and we will get your issue fixed asap. If you have an emergency like a fire, gas leak, etc. contact the fire department, city, etc. Refer to the maintenance tips section for more detail.
Do I need renter’s insurance?
No, we do not require renter’s insurance. However, we advise that you get renter’s insurance in case of emergency, regardless of how uncommon they may be.
When is my rent due?
Your rent schedule is highlighted on the “rent addendum” during the lease signing. Generally speaking, with month to month leases rent is due on the first of each month. For Installment leases your rent is due on the first of the month, once every four months. If you have more questions regarding this, please call or message us.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, credit cards, money grams, and transfers such as our ETF automatic payment system. We do not accept cash payments.
Do I need approval to paint?
We do NOT allow our tenants to paint. Over the years, we have learned that consistently using the same color scheme within our units is important. It keeps turn overs quick and organized. Allowing for the best-looking apartment when you move into your home.
Can I move out early?
You can move in or out of our unit at any time however, until a replacement is found for your lease you are still financially responsible for rent and utilities. If you would like to move out and break your lease, please contact our office. We can go over lease options such as subleasing.
How do I get my full security deposit back?
Make sure your unit is cleans and damaged free, move out on time, return security deposit with detailed List of charges within 21 days of end of lease.

Prospective resident frequently asked questions.

How can I view a rental?
Our rental viewing process is simple: just ask! Please contact us by our phone, text, or email us. We will set up the showing at the earliest time of your convenience.
How do I apply?
You can apply via our website, email (scanned), our drop box, or the mail. We have copies of our application conveniently located under the available properties tab.
Is there an application fee?
No, we avoid useless fees.
How long does the process take?
Our showing, application, and signing process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.
How much is the pet fee?
We love pets! Our pet process starts with our application. Once we know that your pet is safe for the building, we require a security deposit of $250 and a monthly pet fee of $25 for each pet. Please contact our office if you’re interested in having a pet in your residence!
Where are your rentals located?
Our rentals are in Oshkosh. Specifically, we have focused on the campus, southside, and east side of Oshkosh.
What is the typical lease period?
Our typical lease period is one year. Student Housing leases generally run from June 15th – May 31 of the following year or Aug. 15th – July 31 of the following year.
Are utilities included in the rent?
The utilities included in rent defer based on which residence you live in. The utilities included in your lease are listed on your original lease document. If you are unsure, please refer to your lease, rent addendum, or give us a call!
Can I pay my rent online?
Yes! You can pay rent via our Resident portal. Please refer to make a payment tab to learn more.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, cards, money grams, and transfers such as our ETF automatic payment system. We do not accept cash payments for security reasons.

Mechanical Tips

A/C not Cooling?
  • Have you checked the filter?
  • Have you checked the breaker?
  • Are the windows and doors closed?
  • Is the thermostat set on cool and the fan set on auto?
    1. Note: if you have set the thermostat to a significantly cooler temperature than it previously was too quickly, it is possible that it may be frozen. We recommend that you turn off your thermostat for 3-4 hours. After, turn your temperature to 78. Next, slowly lower the temperature 2-3 degree at a time to allow the system to handle change.

If all the above have been checked please contact us and we will fix the issue.

My apartment isn’t heating up!
  • Have you checked the circuit breaker?
  • What is the thermostat Set to?
  • Do you have a radiator or forced air?
  • Have you left any windows or doors open?
  • If the Heat on your home has gone out please contact us immediately, especially in the winter, it can lead to frozen pipes, which lead to flooding and significant plumbing issues.
Hot Water issues?
  • Have you checked the circuit breaker?
  • What appliances have you recently?
  • How many showers have been taken recently?

>Please contact us, if the breaker was not tripped and a significant amount of hot water was not used recently.

Toilet clogged?
  • Have you tired plunging the toilet?
  • Was something dropped inside of it?
  • If plunging the toilet was unsuccessful, please contact our office.
Fridge not cold?
  • Have you checked the circuit breaker?
  • What is the fridge/freezer settings on? They must both be on the mid settings to avoid ice or water building up.
  • Is it plugged in?


If all of these have been checked, please contact our office.

I blew a fuse!
  • Please check the service panel within your house.
  • If a tripped fuse is I the panel, confirm it is the one you tripped and flip it. Power should be restored.
  • If there isn’t a tripped fuse and parts or all your house isn’t getting power, please contact our office.
Water Issues?
  • Basement Flooding
    1. Has there been significant amounts of rain lately?
    2. Have any of the gutters been broken, clogged, or removed?
    3. How much water is in the basement?

Once these questions have been answered please inform our office and we will send a team over to remove the water and add a dehumidifier. Please remove personal items from flooded basement.

  • Water from ceiling
      1. Do you have a second story bathroom?
      2. Has the tub, toilet, or sink been over filled recently?
  • Is the toilet leaking?
  • Does the roof of your home have a significant amount of snow or Ice on it?

If their questions have been addressed, please contact our office.

Plumbing issues?
  1. My sink/toilet has stopped working.
    1. Check to see if the water line valve has been turned to off.
  2. My sink, toilet, or shower is leaking.
  3. A Pipe may have frozen!
    1. Call us immediately if you think a pipe has frozen.
Electrical issues?
  • The electric in a portion or all my house has gone out! What do I do?
    1. Have you checked the fuse box?
    2. Has the electric bill been paid?
  • A light has gone out!
    1. Please replace any lights that have gone out in your unit. If you cannot reach the light or if it is lobby, please call our office and we will inform maintenance to fix the issue.
CO2 & Smoke Detectors
For your own safety do NOT tamper with, move, or take down a Fire Alarm or Smoke Detector. Unless it is to replace the batteries. If an alarm or detector isn’t working please inform our office, we will have them replaced.
Emergency issues and numbers
  • Fire: Call 911 or (920)-236-5240.
  • Gas: Wisconsin Public service Gas Leak Line: (800)-450-7280
    1. If you suspect a gas leak, call and vacate the premises immediately.
  • Police: (920)-236-5700
  • Co2: Call us; Willow Pointe Ventures, (920)-204-3410. We will send a team over immediately.
    1. If you suspect a Co2 Issue, check the Co2 Detector. Open all windows and turn furnace off. If it is beeping, please replace the batteries.
    2. If the Detector still goes off after replacement. Leave the premises immediately, call our office. We will send a HVAC team over to fix the issue.

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